Our membership fees are used to cover the cost of creating D.E.V.S content and resources for our members and to contribute to the D.E.V.S. Academy. The D.E.V.S. Academy helps under privileged and under employed individuals interested in entering the field of design and development earn certifications, learn important industry specific skills, build a portfolio, and learn the importance of community involvement to help them get started in their career.


Our student give starting developers who feel passionate about ethics and values in development a chance to show that they have pledged themselves to ethical standards. Over time, by committing yourself to our core values and building your portfolio, you too can join the ranks of the experienced D.E.V.S community. Our mentor-ship program and forum allow for our student members to ask questions and get advice on how to start developing responsibly with a dedicated mentor.


Freelance membership is for single person shops.