D.E.V.S. members are U.S. based. professionals who have taken a pledge to design and develop in-house with a dedication to higher standards and with these Core Values in mind:


Members of D.E.V.S must show a dedication to honesty, transparency and human decency. Our industry is flooded with greedy and dishonest people and we are here to shine above the rest. D.E.V.S. design and develop because we are trying to to make the world a better place. Our focus is on showing that to our clients and to the world.


D.E.V.S. members strive to produce work of the highest standard. Our work means a lot to us and our mission is to create products and projects that will help people succeed and that we can be proud of. We do not cut corners and we strive to create value for our clients and the people we develop solutions for.


As D.E.V.S. we have a responsibility to our clients, our communities and to others. While we design/develop for a living, but we believe it is important to contribute our skills wherever we can to help make sure all people have access to technology and to learning about technology. Our clients can expect to be treated with respect and with the attention they deserve. We will never disappear or be unresponsive.


As D.E.V.S we own our work and our actions. What we do is what defines us and so we cannot deny what we create. In all things we strive to take ownership of our work and the way we treat the world around us. D.E.V.S. members are committed to only taking projects that we believe we can contribute to successfully and dedicate ourselves to being there to support our projects into the future.

We believe the MISSION every D.E.V. is to serve the development needs our clients and our community in a way that inspires trust, produces results and shows kindness to the world.