An Open Letter to Business Owners Using Developers

An Open Letter to Business Owners Using Developers

As an agency owner, and developer, I can tell you that the frustration that comes from being a developer in this day in age can be overwhelming.  And I am equally sure that the frustration that comes from dealing with a bad web or software developer is just as overwhelming.

So many people have had bad experiences and so many developers (sorry to the ones that aren’t) are awful.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard that Big Joe Web Company has laid claim to some small business person’s website, content and domain and is holding it hostage so they can never leave.   What is worse is that it isn’t only Big Joe Web Company, Small Pete Web Company has also started resorting to this tactic.

Another large portion of developers have resorted to the “I think to make money I will do 5 minutes of work for $5,000” routine.  Resulting in awful looking websites that do not meet best practice standards, and have no hope of competing in today’s market.

And we all know the outsourcing companies who simply take on work and farm it out to whoever is cheapest, most often developers who are not even in this country and cannot hope to understand local markets or the what the client really wants or needs.

Finally, there is the typical, non-responsive web developer or even web agency that takes 6 months to change a phone number if they ever respond at all.

For all of the business owners out there that have had to deal with any of this, I truly apologize. But it is important for you to know…

Not All Developers Are Created Equal

While all of the above scenarios happen every day and there is seemingly no stopping it, I can say that there are many developers out there that still have integrity and have a lot of pride in what they do and what they put out there for their customers.

These are freelancers who dedicate days of their lives in front of their screens just doing what they love.

The agencies who have been fortunate enough to gather brilliant, creative, and caring teams that want to kick butt at design and make cool stuff to help their clients succeed.

The teams of friends that decided to start a business together collaborating and creating for their clients.

They do exist, and you can find them, and fortunately, if you don’t have any in your local area – who cares!  There are plenty all over the U.S who would be happy to work with you remotely.  It is the 21st century after all.

It is possible to find them.  You just have to know what to look for.

Once you find a developer that meets all these criteria, you are on a good path to having a development partner you can rely on for years to come. But since I have your attention, there is one more thing to remember.

Excellence and Ethics Comes at a Price

Just as you would not go to a lawyer and expect that you will not have to pay for their time, you should not be looking for a development partner if you are not willing to pay what a good one is worth. Cheap has it's place, and it is easy to find a cheap developer, but it does not come with the quality and reliability we are talking about here. Honest and ethical developers and development agencies will not cut corners and will provide the best possible product. They also need to make a living, and possibly pay other people to make a living. They are also more dedicated to constantly continuing their knowledge of the latest technology and trends, which will only help them help you.

If you are looking for a cheap website, or quick and dirty app development, you might as well prepare yourself for a long road ahead. Great results and positive experience will and should cost what they are worth. Digital isn't going anywhere. Once everyone realizes it is important to invest in their digital infrastructure and stops trying to cut corners, then the shady developers and people just out for a quick buck will not have a chance to succeed.